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Anyone Can Code !!


Welcome Firstock-ians, Anyone Can Code is a blog series regarding Trading-Coding which gives a complete step by step process of understanding "HOW" even a common person can learn to trade via coding with no prior knowledge of programming.

So buckle yourself for everyday session of coding walkthrough which teach you the various tips & tricks, usage and understanding of the product and it's feature.

We shall be coding using python language which is the most commonly used language across the internet, so there is no prior knowledge of python required and we shall be helping you out with each and one step from setting up the environment to installing the libraries and Do's and Don'ts while coding.

So the first session will be posted on 21 Dec 2023, the blog session will consists of

  1. Python Installation
  2. Setting up virtual environment
  3. Installation of libraries
  4. Kick start with first code

So let's catch up again in the 1st session of Anyone Can Code !!