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Version 4.0.1 - Python updates


  • The Python package has been updated to automatically convert passwords into SHA256 hashes prior to submission to the login URL.
  • The package now includes a multi-login feature, enabling simultaneous login for multiple users, with each user's session being individually stored.
  • For all APIs, it is now required to pass the userId. The corresponding jKey session linked to the userId will be utilized for executing the API.
  • The following methods have been updated to require trading symbols instead of tokens:
    • Get Multi Quotes LTP
    • Get Multi Quotes
    • Day Interval Time Price Series
    • Time Price Series
    • Security Info
    • Get Quotes
  • The method for accessing the websocket has been entirely revamped. Detailed information will be available in an upcoming blog post. Additionally, sample code illustrating the new method can be found in the examples section.