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Packages & Installation

Data Handling

For REST API requests, data is represented in JSON format and serves as the input for various API calls. If a specific input is not specified in the API documentation, a blank object or an empty string should be sent as the Data input. It is crucial to ensure that the Data input is always in string format.

Libraries and SDKs

Tabbed Interface

pip install thefirstock==4.0.1

npm install thefirstock

dotnet add package thefirstock

Here is a list of pre-built client libraries for Firstock Connect that have been developed using various programming languages.

The above mentioned libraries are the latest and updated version.

Client Libraries

Client Libraries

These libraries provide an easier way for developers to interact with the Firstock APIs, allowing them to avoid the need to make raw HTTP calls. By using these libraries, developers can make API requests with just a few lines of code, saving time and effort.

Trading Symbols

Trading Symbols

Version and API endpoint

​ The current documentation belongs to Version 4. All requests go to it by default. It is recommended that a specific version be requested explicitly for production applications as major releases may break older implementations.

Root API endpoint

Root Websocket endpoint